Holiday home for sale in Gheorgheni

Holiday home for sale in Gheorgheni Municipality, on Cetății street. - Size of the land: 1049 sqm - Useful area of the building: 26 sqm - Price: 25,500 Euro - Phone: 0752-901-635 - The house is built of wood, and consists of one room, with a kitchen and a terrace. There is another room in the attic. In the yard there is also a wooden shed and a garden grill. The yard is crossed by a stream, it has a water tank. The building can be heated with a terracotta stove, electricity with a generator. 

  • Area: 26 m2 
  • Land: 1049 m2 
  • Rooms: 2 

Price: 25,500 Euros 

Telephone: 0752-901-635 

Harghita County Development Agency: 40 266 207 784/ 1608