Family house for sale in Vârșag

For sell a detached house in Vârsag. - Land area: 17,542 m² (14,160 m² in the locality, 3,382 m² outside the locality) - Usable area of the building: 74 m² - The house was built of wood, has a tile roof. The building has 1 level, contains: 1 rooms, kitchen with living room, pantry, hall... In the yard there is: summer kitchen 19 m², storage for wood 17 m², stable with slats 95 m², etc. The house can be heated with firewood, it is equipped with double glazed windows. The building needs renovation. 

  • Area: 73 m2 
  • Land: 17542 m2 
  • Rooms: 2 

Price: NEW 111,111 Euros 

Phone: 0755-954-066 

Harghita County Development Agency: 40 266 207 700/ 1608