Grants for milling and dairy products Non-refundable funds of up to 500,000 euros for Micro Enterprises and IMM.

The total allocated budget is 200 million euros in the form of grants, to partially offset the increase in the costs incurred related to the establishment of raw material stocks and the costs related to transport, storage and processing.

Eligible expenses

✅ 14,280 tons of wheat; 

✅ 14,280 tons of corn; 

✅ 9,615 tons of sunflowers;

✅ 10,000 tons of raw milk raw material; 

✅ 15,600 tons consisting of wheat and/or barley and/or corn and/or soy and/or rapeseed to obtain combined feed.

Own contribution 0% 

Deadline December 31, 2023 

If the established stocks are lower than those foreseen, the level of the financial grant is reduced percentageally, accordingly.

If the stocks established by the beneficiary are higher than those foreseen, the maximum level of the financial grant is granted.

The purpose of the financing scheme is to provide a non-refundable financial grant to operators in the processing industry of milling products, oils and fats, dairy products, preparations for feeding farm animals.