PROGRAM "Support for the establishment of young farmers", NON-REFUNDABLE SUPPORT OF UP TO 70,000 EURO/FARM

The Agency for the Financing of Rural Investments (AFIR) announced on the institution's website that it grants up to 70,000 euros for the "Support for the installation of young farmers" program. This program falls under Regulation no. (EU) 2115/ 2021, art.75, point 4 in the type of intervention "Installation of young farmers and new farmers and establishment of rural enterprises" and contributes to the achievement of objectives such as:

  • Attracting and supporting young farmers and other new farmers and facilitating the sustainable development of enterprises in rural areas,
  • Promotion of employment, economic growth, gender equality, including women's participation in agriculture
  • Modernizing the sector by stimulating and sharing knowledge, by promoting innovation and digitization in agriculture and rural areas and by encouraging the adoption of these measures.


•  natural persons registered and authorized in accordance with the provisions of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 44/ 2008, with subsequent amendments and additions:

o individually and independently, as an authorized natural person (PFA);

o as an entrepreneur owner of an individual enterprise (II);

o as an entrepreneur owner of a family business (FI);

• sole associates and administrators of limited liability companies – SRL, as well as majority associates (absolute majority 50%+1) and administrators of limited liability companies

According to the new Young Farmers guide, people eligible to access this program must be up to 40 years old inclusive.



Non-reimbursable public support is granted for a maximum period of three years and is:

• 70,000 euros for holdings between €12,000 SO and €100,000 SO;

• 70,000 euros for holdings in the mountain area between €8,000 SO and €100,000 SO

Support for the installation of young farmers will be granted in the form of a lump sum in two installments:

• 75% of the amount of support upon signing the Financing Agreement;

• 25% of the amount of support will be granted depending on the correct implementation of the Business Plan, without exceeding three years (for fruit farms), from the signing of the financing contract.

More information is available on the website of the Agency for the Financing of Rural Investments https://www.afir.ro/