Harghita county job offers - January 2024

According to data provided by locuridemuncaharghita.ro, owned by the Harghita County Agency for Employment, on 29 January 2024, 184 job vacancies were available on the labour market in the county.

The most job vacancies were in the Ciuc area - 97, followed by the Odorhei area - 55 and the Gheorgheni area - 32.

In terms of job vacancies by specialisation, food industry topped the list with 32 jobs, followed by sales and distribution with 25 jobs. Factories offered 21 jobs for workers. Customer service and transport put 17 and 14 jobs on the labour market respectively. The logistics and security and protection services sectors also offered significant employment opportunities, with 12 jobs each.

The labour market also offered job opportunities in a number of other areas, such as 9 - construction, 8 - administration and office work and 6 - maintenance and cleaning.

There were also 6 job vacancies available in the textile industry and for unskilled workers at the time.

Jobseekers are likely to be interested in the finance and accounting, public administration, medicine and pharmacy and tourism industries, but fewer vacancies were identified in these sectors.

Statistics show that businesses in Harghita County continue to be active in hiring people in various sectors.The variety of job opportunities allows job seekers to choose according to their skills and interests.